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Birthdate:Feb 12, 1991
Location:Moscow, Russian Federation
My virtual reality really means a lot to me. (c) Yendri

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24, :wumpscut:, a bit of fry and laurie, amy winehouse, ancient egypt, angel, anna-varney cantodea, arcanum, atheism, bach, bathory, bats, bauhaus, beethoven, black books, blade runner, borussia dortmund, buffy the vampire slayer, bundesliga, cats, celts, cemeteries, collie, cormac mccarthy, covenant, crafts, cyberpunk, david lynch, decadence, demon's souls, depression, deutsch amerikanische freundschaft, dexter, diary of dreams, die apokalyptischen reiter, dillinger escape plan, diorama, disturbed, dogs, dostoyevsky, dr. katz, drawing, ebm, edgar allan poe, edgar poe, einstuerzende neubauten, english, existentialism, fallout, father ted, feminism, football, franz kafka, galavant, games, german, german shepherd, german shepherd dogs, germany, goethes erben, goncharov, gothic, harry potter, history, hobbits, hocico, home movies, hugh laurie, illustrator, insomnia, iron maiden, janis joplin, jean-paul sartre, jeeves and wooster, jeremy brett, king of the hill, kmfdm, kommissar rex, kuryokhin, lacrimosa, languages, lego, maine coons, maps, math, mathematics, mc escher, metal, metallica, monthy python, moscow, mozart, mythology, nietzsche, oblomov, painting, peter heppner, peter hoeg, photography, prison break, programming, pulp, python, qi, queer as folk, richard dawkins, rotting christ, saint petersburg, samael, schandmaul, scotland, septicflesh, sheltie, sherlock holmes, shetland, shetland sheepdog, shutterstock, siouxsie and the banshees, sleep, sleep disorders, solefald, solstafir, sopor aeternus, south park, star wars, stephen fry, stocks, supernatural, tchaikovsky, the addams family, the lord of the rings, the simpsons, the sisters of mercy, the x-files, tiamat, tim burton, tolkien, tremere, twin peaks, vampire: the masquerade, web design, white wolf, wolfsheim, writing, xena, yendri
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