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the journal is friends only, but I decided to open some posts, because it's really weird to go around giving accesses. :-)
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Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/):
I took 7 free MOOCs from Coursera and I mostly liked it but one of the courses (Learning How to Learn) was almost no use to me – I've read way to much on the subject. So, it's probably a good idea to read a description carefully. :-) With the Python courses and the Internet History course it was a very interesting experience to be a part of a learning group again. Well, enough about me, I wanted to write about Coursera itself.

Fees: mostly free of charge, but so called “specializations” are available only for money (beware – sometimes there is a course that contains several smaller courses in it – and some of these courses may be actually free – so better check these courses pages).
Financial aid: yes, this option is available.
Pace: many courses are self-paced and you can watch them any time you like, but I didn't take such courses yet so I don't know about assignments and help from other students for this form of learning. Ongoing courses are somewhat limited in pace: you have to watch some videos, to read materials on your own, to do a quiz and to pass 1-2 assignments before a specific date (but usually you can finish a course before an end date anyway).
Subjects: lots of them – math, computer science, social sciences etc. Btw, there are a lot of courses about animals (behavior, nutrition), so it's not just programming and math here.
Authors: many courses are assigned to some university – the Python course I took was from the University of Michigan.
Community: for the ongoing courses there are very useful forums. Even if you don't like to chat with some strangers on a Coursera forum, their answers on the other people's questions may come in handy.
Languages: mostly in English (like 99% of all courses) but in some courses there are subtitles available.
Certificate: certificates are available for a fee (but in some courses you can receive a PDF copy of a certificate for finishing a free MOOC – I received such for “Programming for Everybody”. The difference was that I received a non-verified certificate and those people who actually paid for the course received the verified ones). You can't work through a course and then pay and receive a certificate - there are two different systems of a unique identity verification for these forms.


Sep. 13th, 2015 08:08 am
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I am not very much of a writer lately so I guess it's time for cats! that's my mother's maine coon before the illness (he looks almost like this now - he recovers fast). I like the photo, he looks like such a nice cat on this one but it's just a facade, he is not very domesticated. :-)) *Vincent Price's voice is turned on* if you watch carefully you will notice a shade of madness in his yellow eyeeees. :-)

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Aug. 16th, 2015 06:30 pm
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after years and years of depression being finally out of this state is like finding a river in a desert after walking there for decades. I'm drowning but I just can't stop drinking.